Finally the customized whole body approach you have been looking for.
When women get specific guidance customized to them, that’s when they begin to feel like themselves again:

  • losing those pesky pounds that no matter what you have done (diet and exercise) you haven’t been able to lose
  • waking up and getting up without needing to hit the snooze button half a dozen times
  • remembering conversations and not needing to leave sticky notes all over the home or office
  • once and for all break up with food cravings that make us feel tired, bloated, gassy, constipated or have diarrhea
  • participate in life’s activities again with friends and family, and enjoy it


First things first… please understand that your body has an amazing ability to heal. It just has to be given the right environment to do so.
You deserve to feel healthy and vibrant. It’s is your birth right.
I know what you are thinking…

“I’ve tried everything… every diet under the sun, exercised my buns off, lotions and potions and nothing has worked. I have worked with what seems like 1 million practitioners even Dr. Google and nothing. I am an anomaly and can’t be fixed.”

Does that sounds familiar?
Here’s the thing, you are unique and need to be treated as such. You do not fit in a one size fits all model. The key to success is finding out your own unique blocks and have a specialized plan to work through them.

Learn from my mistakes as I learnt the hard way. When it came to regaining my health I was not fasting appropriately for a menstruating female… and because of that I totally MESSED up my sex hormones. At the time I was listening to my Male colleagues and was doing what they were… Obviously not the right course for a female. This caused me to dive into the research and learn exactly what is needed from both a food and fasting standpoint to support women sex hormones.


When it comes to getting to root cause I believe it all comes down to a ____ step process

  • Stress management that works for you
  • Diet Diversity: is using a whole foods approach along with changing things up.
  • Fast Flexing: learning the how to’s behind when to eat and changing it up regularly… especially around our menstrual cycles… don’t worry if you are post menopausal there is still a right way and a wrong way to fast.
  • Specific professional grade supplements to speed up healing
  • Getting the appropriate testing done to determine which blocks you are dealing with… I have always said it’s easier to TEST and not GUESS


  • How to diversify your diet. Learn about the right foods to eat so that inflammation is reduced. How to cycle your food (weekly, monthly, seasonly) which will help support a healthy microbiome and overall health.
  • Learn how to change up your fasting for optimal hormone balance. This is everything from 12/12 through a 3+ day water fast and knowing which part of your cycle you should be fasting.
  • How to implement a multi-therapeutic approach
  • How to make food substitutions so that you can still enjoy eating, as eating should and needs to be enjoyable…. Don’t worry you’ll still be able to eat out at restaurants
  • A


  • 60 min deep dive into your health history, review of symptoms, and determine which labs are recommended*
  • 60 min session to go over labs and discuss recommendations
  • ___ 30 min customized coaching sessions to review labs and fine tune recommendations
  • Communication on Get Healthie which is an HIPPAA compliant online platform
  • Customized protocol which includes your nutrition
  • Specific supplement recommendations based off your lab results and health concerns
  • Specific lifestyle recommendations such as: stress management, sleep, movement and personal hygiene
  • Grocery shopping handout
  • Recipes
  • Tracking sheets to help support your health journey
  • Discounts on supplements????

* specific functional labs might be recommended based of your initial conversation

Working with Dr. Caitlin 1:1 for customized health coaching starts at $7500 and up – when paid in full
Payment plans are available

Please note that filling out the form doesn’t guarantee a spot to work with Dr. Caitlin. Dr. Caitlin is very selective with who she works with and may or may not have the availability to give you the undivided attention she requires when working with someone. You will not be charged if she doesn’t accept your case.

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