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Take Back Your Health.

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Dr’s Caitlin, Mindy and Sonya dive into the key health and wellness topics that plague the modern day woman. These three docs are in the health trenches with women who are struggling with their health. All three run very successful “functional health” clinics and share a burning passion to help women navigate the long list of health ailments that women are dealing with in today’s world.

The Women N Wellness podcast was born out of these docs desire to empower women who are trying to do it all; family, work, and stay on a path of health. Their dream is to give women the knowledge and tools to steer their health in what ever direction they choose.

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Topics these docs will be tackling include healing strategies like detoxifying, fasting, balancing hormones naturally, weight loss, improving sleep, “lifestyles”, toxins, brain fog, emotional wellbeing, and just about anything else that women deal with on a day to day basis.

If you are looking for actionable advice that you can begin to implement TODAY this is the podcast for you. We are excited to on this journey with you and can’t wait to give you strategies that will help you regain your health so that you can start living the life you deserve!

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Amazing truth being shared by these ladies… life changing information!!!

Excited about this podcast.
So overdue! A must listen
These amazing, intelligent and soul-bearing women have created a brilliant podcast to help empower us all! When you know better you do better – so these doctors are sharing what they know for all of us to rise together. Go tribe!!!